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Wyatt's World of Wondrous Artwork

I remember when President Barack Obama made an enormous gaffe while on the Jay Leno Show early in his presidency. He was talking about how poor of a bowler he was while making an appearance at a Bowling Alley while on the campaign trail. He said, "It was like the 'Special Olympics' of bowling!" President Obama quickly realized his blunder and started to do damage control by making an apology to the Special Olympics while promising to invite some of the athletes into the bowling alley within the White House. It was just something stupid that was said by someone on television that they did not really mean. Who knows? It could be us one day who says the wrong thing at the worst possible time. The backlash was brief but swift. One phenom bowler from the Special Olympics challenged President Obama to a bowling duel. This individual was actually more able-bodied and talented in bowling than the average athlete. There was nothing "special" about his bowling with the exception of it being completely incredible!!

There are so many athletes, artist, actors, and dancers out there who live with intellectual disabilities that lived a perfect storm of Post-Traumatic Disorder (PTSD) during their non-nostalgic days of yore and yesteryear. But as they grew older, there were a few special talents that emerged as it occurred to them that they are limitless in their abilities while charging past their so-called "normal" classmates. There are plenty of able-bodied individuals who have no artistic talent or do not even want to try. On that note...

Allow me to present a drawing from someone I hope to meet someday named Wyatt Jackson. (It kind of reminds me of the Dig-em Frog from the Honey Smacks commercial). Wyatt is 20 years old and is currently in vocational school with dreams to pursue a college education. Much of his success and perseverance comes from the unrelenting support of his mother Nancy who is currently doing her absolute best to provide Wyatt with the right services to reach his full potential as an adult. Nancy is in the process of creating an Instagram page for Wyatt to showcase his work, but it will not be done until possibly sometime next week. In the meantime they could email him at with inquiries about his art.


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