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A Second Chance and Reverse Procrastination.

I appreciate your patience with waiting for a blog entry. I do not even want to know the last time I posted anything. But I am doing so with the mantra from The Simpson's parody, "Sherry Boppins." Ahem...if there is a task that must be done...don't turn your tail and run. Don't pout! Don't sob! Just do a half-assed jooooobbbb."

This does really mean to do a mediocre job. It merely means to go for something without worrying about whether the task is perfect. Ever since my first web page came out four years ago, I have had trouble with blog entries due to fear. I worry that others will not care about my current endeavors or the failure of keeping up. But now the words are merely coming out thanks to Reverse Procrastination.

Reverse Procrastination means worrying about something in a state of panic even when there is absolutely nothing to panic about. When we receive that credit card bill that is not due for at least a month then we worry about it in a frenzy that first week and send it out like it is about to explode in our fingertips. Just get it out...damn you! Oh, my God!

When we have Asperger's there is often the tendency to dwell on past failures to the point that the present and future continues to suffer. What if we dwelled on the past to the extent that the future becomes much more beautiful. I want to write like a demon and justify the procrasination from the days of yore that we spurned out of fear. I promise to write more in the future even if it nonsense. My agent, Jeff Herman told me it is much better to advocate for something that actually exists than not have anything out of fear.

I want my peers and I to work on creating something without the fear that it is not going to be perfect that will halt us entirely. Most important, it would be great to continue writing and make people happy. Please "like" these entries to keep me motivated to write more blog entires without focusing too much on the grammatical content or whether it is perfect at this phase. Right now I am square with the house because something actually exists for the first time in months.

What is your passion and what holds you back from creating something or starting something you left behind? More to come in the near future and thank you for being supporters of those in the autism community!

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