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The Things We Are NOT Grateful For....

People are always telling us how we should be more grateful despite life's hardship. I have a fun idea, however! Why don't we have a huge complaint session and pity party once in a while to purge out the negativity to focus on the good stuff the rest of the time. The following is a list of my complaints and let me know what you think! The platform or stage or podium appears to be empty after the complaint session, but we must fill it with gratitude like SpongeBob Squarepants would. That is one thing underSTOOD!

Things I am NOT Grateful For.

Plastic bags at the grocery store and people who do not listen when I tell them that I have brought my own resusable bags.

People who constantly drop their cigarette butts on the ground and litter.

Sick people who have nothing better to do with their free time and intelligence than send people computer viruses like the one that I think was downloaded this morning. And, of course, the Best Buy person is not answering his stupid cell phone.

People from the past who do not acknowledge my attempts to contact them only one day a year and fail to understand calling only once a year counts as backing off.

Telemarketers. I understand they need to make a living, but couldn’t they do something else? Anything at all besides calling us up on the phone. We must revolt and get the numbers of the telemarketers to call their homes incessantly and shout, “There you go! Now you know how it feels. Don’t ya!

Ridiculous and pathetic sequels that destroy the legacy of great movies. Does anybody remember 102 Dalmations?

People who waste food by loading up their plate at buffets for a second helping and then throwing 80 percent of it in the garbage instead of taking it home in a recyclable container. Speaking of which, I have 115 complaints against Styrofoam.

Parchment garbage. I pick up litter as a form of community service and the worst type of litter to pick up is something like a paper towel that has been there for a long time in the rain. It falls apart when I try to pick it up.

People who make the shushing sound without having the decency to just nicely tell someone to be a little quieter. Also people who use expressions that give me the creeps such as “Finish up” or “That really hit the spot.”

Leap Year. Leap Year is perhaps the most evil day in the entire world for people to be born because an official birthday only occurs once every 4 years. It is not fair.

Poison ivy, ticks, mosquitos, wasps, spiders, and those disturbing house centipedes.

People who suck on their fingers while eating a meal instead of using a napkin.

Donald Trump simply because he is allowed to say inappropriate things till’ the cows come home with minimal consequences.

Well-intentioned people who say, “Just Let it Go” and “You have to move on.”

Olives, Stilton Cheese, Blue Cheese, junk food such as pretzels or anything with artificial cheese, Cookies and Cream Ice cream, McDonalds because much of the food gives me the creeps, and the containers are all disposable,

People who consistently spell my name as J-e-s-s-i-e or J-e-s-s-y


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