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My Personal Ten Commandments

This is not a religious thing, but the essence of humanity especially if one struggles with a social disability. I believe it is important to understand that the Ten Commandments may come out of religion, but the rules apply to how many of us should live. Some are unrealistic to follow (at least all the time), but others are downright common sense and allow us to exist. Such commandments must be altered in a unique kind of fashion for individuals who are doing the best they can with a social disability. But perhaps the so-called, "normal" people are going to find this to be useful and thus prove that we hae more in comman than different. it goes!

Jesse's Rules to Live by or Ten Personal Commandments with or without a social disability:

1. Do not litter esepcially if it is cigarette butts thrown out the car window or onto a beach resort.. Just walk a couple of feet to a nearby trash can and there is no excuse for such profound laziness. It is difficult to enjoy the beach for a precious three days a year when visiting Wildwood Crest, NJ and feeling like I am frolicking in a gigantic ashtray.

2. For every mean thing you do because you are human…consciously try to do three nice things to compensate..

3. Do not hold grudges and allow people to build back chances in increments of time especially if they had the best of intentions. This does not apply to acts of blind malice such as breaking into one's home to steal your lifetime collection of DVDS and CDs.

4. All those who are willing to work shall be entitled to employment and independent living as well as the occasional slice of heaven when they accumulate enough money to afford a vacation.

5. Dwell over the past and things beyond your control only twenty percent of the day. And if you lend someone thirty dollars and never hear from them again for the rest of your life then it was probably worth it!

6. Early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is never. P.S. It does not count when you are stuck in traffic or dealing with things beyond your control on days when enough extra time is not nearly enough time!

7. Give yourself 3-4 consecutive days that are pure vacation days. Nobody is allowed to tell you what to do and you are financially liberated. Avoid rushing like a maniac all over the place because you do enough of that the other 51 days of the year! Another option to escape from the world and save lives is to donate blood.

8. If you cannot let go, practice “incremental backing off” so people cannot accuse you of being a pain in the butt and you may sometimes earn what you deserve. Contacting someone once a year is NOT stalking. (I checked it out...)

9. Do not watch silly reality TV shows like Honey Boo Boo or others with D-list celebrities such as Sanjaya from American Idol. If you choose this path, watch such nonsense while doing the dishes or something else that is productive.

10. Practice Reverse Procrastination to seize time like a cowboy or cowgirl lassoing a raging bull! This means that you are going to treat even the most minor tasks like huge emergencies to avoid it being placed on a backburner and not completed at all!

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